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Create and preserve value in the times of crisis: join us at the Lorange Network learning community of family business and family office members, entrepreneurial families, large private investors, and business leaders.

A series of four Online Workshops hosted by Headspring Executive Development and delivered by the world's most influential Financial Times journalists together with high-level speakers selected by the Lorange Network.


Online Workshop #4


The environmental challenges after Covid-19

October 13 - 14:00 BST

The Covid-19 era will be remembered as a time when the planes were grounded, much economic activity halted, and carbon emissions fell. What of the future? Will we move to a greener, more sustainable economy and what opportunities and pitfalls will that present to your company? One of the FT’s leading sustainability specialists joined by Reto Ringger, founder of Globalance Bank, and SAM Group, will talk you through the likely outcome.

Past Workshops

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Past Online Workshop #1

Leadership, Management and Succession

Do the challenges from the Covid-19 crisis call for a new approach to management?

June 30 - 14:00 BST

As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, we face radical change. Whether we see a V-shaped recovery or a new era of mass unemployment and slow growth, companies will have to look at new ways of leading and managing. Whatever the outcome of the coronavirus crisis, society will be reordered. Governments will be far more involved in our lives and there will be increased pressure to recognise some of the previously disregarded members of our society, including care, cleaning and distribution workers.

In this seminar, Andrew Hill, the FT’s management editor, will look at the likely new management styles and will examine how family businesses as well as all businesses will need to approach their leadership and succession planning. He will be joined by Dr. Björn Johansson, from Dr. Bjørn Johansson Associates Inc., a leading, globally operating Board Advisory Firm, based in Zurich, Switzerland, exclusively focusing on Non-Executive and Executive Board appointments. Bjørn Johansson will draw from a wide range of entrepreneurial and multicultural experience; in the course of his over 40 years Board Advisor career, he has placed more than 900 highly qualified top executives with leading profit and non-profit corporations and institutions in over 40 countries worldwide.

Past Online Workshop #2


How should we invest now, given the corona crisis?

July 15 - 14:00 BST

What will the investment opportunities be as we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis? Where will the smart money go?

In this webinar, John Plender, one of the FT’s most respected columnists, will be joined by Chris Mayer, portfolio manager and co-founder of Woodlock House Family Capital. They’ll look at the state of world economies after coronavirus, the prospects for growth and inflation. He will look at which sectors are likely to be winners, and which are likely to be losers.

Past Online Workshop #3


How do we become more digital now?

September 15 -14:00 BST

The global pandemic is compelling companies of all sizes to adopt new digital ways of doing business. In this seminar, a leading FT journalist and digital champions will look at the digital history of one of the world’s leading news organisations, how the FT endured through the crisis with a radical online strategy and will talk about what this means for the way your business operates. Our two globally renowned business practitioners will share their in depth experiences and outlooks on technology and digital transformation.

Close to the source: what FT journalists
can bring to your business

The Financial Times journalists who deliver Headspring's programmes are able to bring a unique perspective to each topic. They are close to the world’s business and political leaders and know the facts before they become news, bringing real business relevance to each programme. 

With FT insight, coupled with Lorange Network perspectives, you learn to question the answers, challenge entrenched mindsets and understand what really matters from a business, political and regulatory perspective.

FT journalists can cover a wide range of subjects such as geopolitics, technology, finance, sustainability, leadership and diversity.

Financial Times Journalists and Lorange Network Speakers

Experience and Expertise

These are some of the world's most influential Financial Times journalists** and the most high-level speakers selected by the Lorange Network that will help you understand the wider context surrounding your business and the impact it can have on your organisation.

Chris Mayer

Author, Former Banker

Head of digital platforms and projects at Financial Times

Management Editor
Financial Times

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

International curator

of TED

Senior Editorial Columnist at Financial Times

Associate Editor
Financial Times

Business Columnist
Financial Times

Neuroscientist and entrepreneur

Founder of Globalance Bank and SAM Group

** FT journalists delivering the online workshops may vary. The list is not restrictive.

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