A series of four Workshops hosted at the Financial Times Headquarters in London and delivered by the world's most influential journalists.

Create and preserve value: join us at the Lorange Network Learning Community of family business and family office members, entrepreneurs and large private investors.

Workshops at the Financial Times


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Nothing is more important for the future of your organisation than the people who run it. But do they truly embrace your values? Whether it’s middle managers, millennials or multi-generational teams, talent management is a strategic issue that depends on getting the details right. This session aims to help teams to achieve higher levels of productivity, value creation and ensuring that you are able to create a long-term plan in place.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify, nurture and grow talent to lead your business
  2. Build sustainable teams to lead the future strategy of your business
  3. Practical insights on how to transform your organisation whilst ensuring people embrace your values, mission, vision and purpose
  4. How to balance and harmonise family and business values, while becoming a data-driven business
  5. Optimising the family-team dynamics and managing bi-dimensional respect
  6. Learn from high-performance sport teams how to manage talent and decision making

Preserving Value – Intergenerational Management & Succession

Workshop #1

date to be confirmed

Michael Skapinker

Simon Kuper

Strategic thinking is an acquired skill. When it comes to your business and your personal investments, a solid strategy can be the difference between making or breaking it. The Financial Times has been the source of information, insight and intelligence for the business and finance sector for over 130 years. This Workshop aims to help you create a financial strategy that will help you achieve both your personal and business goals.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding private equity and diversity investment portfolios: art, wines, biotech, ag-tech and med-tech
  2. Running asset light strategies vs asset-heavy ones
  3. Developing your own investment strategy – for both your personal and company needs
  4. Understanding investment trends and how markets move.

Preserving Value – Investment Strategies: You & Your Business

Workshop #2

date to be confirmed

Michael Skapinker

Jan Dalley

The digital era is compelling companies of all sizes to adopt new ways of doing business. To succeed, business leaders need to understand the importance of innovation and embrace a culture of continuous change. Designed and delivered in partnership with FT journalists, the objective of this Workshop is to equip you with the tools and insights to reinvent your business.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn to innovate to generate growth and attract investment
  2. Understand dilemma and ambiguity and how they apply to your business
  3. Get technical and practical insights into business transformation
  4. How to encourage your team to embrace change
  5. How to envisage the next step for your business

Preserving Value – Digital Transformation

Workshop #3

date to be confirmed

Michael Skapinker

Robin Kwong

Michael Skapinker

Pilita Clark

Trade wars. Sustainability. Geopolitics. The impact of the outside world on your business will always depend on your exposure, resilience and strategic interests.

This Workshop will help you understand how today’s global trends affect your business and how you can help your people to be prepared for the risks and opportunities in a systematic way. We will help you identify opportunities to diversify and achieve your business goals.

Learning Objectives

  1. A world view from the balcony – the FT perspective
  2. Understanding the context in which your business is inserted and how to make the most of it
  3. Your reputation: understand the impact of your business on society and how to respond to social, political and environmental trends
  4. Avoiding ethical slip-ups, scandals and reputational damage
  5. You and your business: the world you want to create for your children
  6. Finding a meaningful purpose and key practical lessons on how to improve your business

Preserving Value – License to Operate: Environment & Sustainability 

Workshop #4

date to be confirmed

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The Financial Times journalists who deliver Headspring's programmes are able to bring a unique perspective to each topic. They are close to the world’s business and political leaders and know the facts before they become news, bringing real business relevance to each programme. 

With FT insight, coupled with Lorange Network perspectives, you learn to question the answers, challenge entrenched mindsets and understand what really matters from a business, political and regulatory perspective.

FT journalists can cover a wide range of subjects such as geopolitics, technology, finance, sustainability, leadership and diversity.

Close to the source: what FT journalists
can bring to your business

Michael Skapinker

Associate Editor

Tom Betts

Chief Data Officer

Jonathan Guthrie

Head of Lex Column

Robin Kwong

Head of Digital Delivery

Simon Kuper

Life & Arts Columnist

Jan Dalley

Arts Editor

Renée Kaplan

Head of Audience Engagement

Murad Ahmed

Sports Correspondent

Gillian Tett

Chairman Editorial Board & Editor-at-Large

Financial Times Journalists

Experience and Expertise

These are some of the FT journalists that can deliver our programmes* and help you understand the wider context surrounding your business and the impact it can have on your organisation. 

* FT Journalists delivering the workshops
may vary. This list is not restrictive.

Understand the impact of digital transformation on your business. Learn how real change happens from the people who have transformed the FT.

Digital Transformation

date to be confirmed

Understand the wider context around your business. Learn from FT journalists how political, social and environmental issues can impact your company.

Licence to Operate: Environment & Sustainability

date to be confirmed

Learn to identify, nurture and develop talent to lead your  business. Let your business flourish while maintaining your values and vision.

Intergenerational Management & Succession 

date to be confirmed

Create a financial strategy to make your life and business goals happen. Learn about private equity, IPOs and other financial strategies 

Investment Strategies: You & Your Business

date to be confirmed


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The Financial Times' HQ


Financial Times
Bracken House, 1 Friday Street, London, EC4M 9JA

Approximate Schedule

10am - 6pm

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Discover Bracken House, one of the most iconic buildings in the City of London and the historic home of the Financial Times. The perfect combination of history and forward-thinking design. 


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